Monday, April 27, 2009

hello again. today has been quite the day for us, trying to cram in some basic Chichewa language study before going out to the districts tomorrow morning. We met up with Harrison, one of the reverends in Lilongwe who was kind enough to dedicate his morning to helping us try and get some basic basic phrases down. I guess we will see how we, as students, fare tomorrow. The afternoon was engaged in discussing what our possible partnership will look like, or could look like. It will be, to say the least, quite challenging getting our two backgrounds together since we come from vastly different places. Nothing that a few attempts couldn't hash out.
Highlights from today would have to be Steers, a Zambian fast food restaurant in the mall here, and the swimming pool, which is a perfect temperature when it's in the mid to high 20s all day; speaking of which....i hear it snowed yesterday. Also, I saw, perhaps, the world's largest gecko hiding right beside my headrest. It must have been laying in wait for some poor soul to be disengaged enough so that he might try and devour them. Lucky enough, I scared him away with a deft combination of moving the bed so that it would squeak and looking menacingly in his direction.
Tomorrow morning will be coming bright and early. At about 8am we will be trekking out into the bush to meet with the people at Kimanzi village. I hope we are prepared.


  1. Gee, it sounds like you are really roughing it, fast food and a pool? What exactly is Zambian fast food? I'd like to see that menacing look that scared off the gecko. I have yet to hear of a death-by-gecko headline, but it's better to be safe than sorry:) Keep up the updates, I'm living through you guys this week. Have a good visit to the village tomorrow!

  2. Hey guys, hope all continues to go well. I find I'm thinking about you a lot. This morning, while working on a message on God's under water revelations in rivers and lakes I came across some 'Planet Earth' footage of Lake Malawi. Gonna use is Sunday... the lake contains greatest number of fish species in the world. So much beauty and diversity - our God.