Sunday, April 26, 2009

moni! (greetings) we have arrived safely. if only i couldn't say the same for the 2 year old red headed kid who screamed the whole way from minnesota to amsterdam. or his sister, who would take over for him when he needed a breath of air. lilongwe is green this time of year. and hot. it must be high 20s. we met a few people we'll be working with for the next week and a half and i think it's a promising start. we've some language training tomorrow and we are also meeting someone from the village we will be working in.
the plane ride from amsterdam to nairobi had an inauspicious start, seeing how the metal detector broke down before they loaded anyone. it was a person by person search before we could leave. that was the nadir of the trip; how bags were waiting for us when we came out despite a plane change for technical reasons. jeff, unused to british vehicle made a circumnavigation around a vehicle before finding the fron passenger seat; his weak excuse for shotgun is that he has long legs.
oh, and heather and jae enjoyed the church service this morning.
more to come....

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  1. So glad to hear you have arrived. I'm hoping that the plane ride will be the hardest part of the trip and that everything from now on will be easy.....although I don't know that anything is ever easy in Africa. Enjoy the warm weather!