Thursday, April 11, 2013

Last Day in Kamanzi - Notes from Wendy

Today was our last day in the village in Kamanzi. The leave taking involved a great deal of protocol.  Many gifts - roosters, sweet potatoes, beans, sugar cane and four fresh eggs from the chief.  Zaak and Ken were given colourful T-shirts; Heather and I were presented with beautiful chitenje cloth; and the Committee presented each of us with a china teacup and saucer!  Speeches, of course, and many thank you's and prayer.  They have all been so generous of spirit, friendship, time and patience for the mzungu who botch their language and customs! 

So, one more day of meetings and the long journey home and we will be plunked back down into our Calgary lives.  We have been joking about how that's going to feel after being waited on hand and foot and greeted with singing and dancing most every day!  We have also been serious in our discussions of what we've experienced; what we want to do going forward; and what we want to include in the projects Ubuntu will support.  There is still great need but how do we adjust our North American perspective to fit an African/Malawian perspective?  I could run off in all directions thinking of things that I think would be just the thing they need but discover that their wish for today is something I think of as simple and common place.

Must cut this short - sleep is beckoning.  Our friends here say, "mwiende bwino", have a good journey, even if you're only going to the corner store!

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.  God with us,  Wendy

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