Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Ubuntu Ship has landed in Malawi

As we arrived, this was our reception at Kamazu International Airport:

The four of us joined up in Lilongwe airport at midday on April 1st. Heather, Ken and Wendy flew in after a few days in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Zaak flew in from Durban, South Africa where he had spent a week with friends and their mission. Zaak was delayed by about 30 minutes because of a VIP on his plane - the president of Malawi, Joyce Banda. There was a little reception on the tarmac for her. 

It was wonderful to see Nancy Hinga at the airport. Nancy visited New Hope last fall. She drove us to our hotel and visited with us through the afternoon. Peter Timmerman, World Renew regional director, joined us at around 4:30. We learned of his family's recent woes with bed bugs, weevils, and power outages. Together we hammered out our schedule for the next 11 days.

Jane Chikakuda, who visited New Hope 2 falls ago along with members of the committee from Kamanzi, joined us for supper and will be staying at our hotel. She will be our host for much of our time in Malawi.

As for us - because we did our side trips ahead of coming to Lilongwe, we've all gotten through jet lag. We are well rested and ready for a big day of visiting some communities in Kamanzi and the local committee. We will be joining the committee and workers from Nkhoma Relief and Development for a 2 day workshop later this week.

Internet is intermittent and this was written in advance, so things will get posted when they get posted. 

Thanks for following our trip!


  1. I "Hope" you're having a great time Papa! what does vip stand for?

  2. Hi Blaise - I am having a great time, thanks!!

    VIP stands for Very Important Person. I guess they think their president is pretty important eh?

  3. Blaise said he's used to VIR from the Geronimo Stilton books, which stands for Very Important Rodent :)